Friday, 2 May 2014

Bodies That Matter (2)

Some things are just really hard to put in to words. Some things are simply feelings. 

There is a body of work evolving in the studio at the moment that appears to have a language of its own - I am going with it.

I am pleased to tell you that some of this work will be on display at ArtLacuna for 'Bodies That Matter 2', opening May 22nd. Please join us for the PV. For more info and line up of artists, see here: Bodies That Matter 2

You may like to have a peruse of these:

What do Artists Do all Day? There are many more in the series, I've just linked to Cornelia Parker

I like things that make me think, it is with this in mind I find myself inadvertently pulling back from the lure of the net.......

So, it's a date? May 22nd 2014, 6pm. It's set to be an interesting show. There are 'fast & furious' presentations by artists on the Saturday. Spread the word! Oh, and there will be a Disco as part of this show ;)


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  1. How very beautiful, have always wanted to be able to produce work like this.


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