Monday, 24 March 2014

an experiment.......

studio experiments 2014

Hello again,

thank you kindly for your comments and the emails I received (re. post below). It was good to put out there what I felt about writing this blog, as I realised by doing that I don't want to give it up completely, at least not just yet, I just need to change some things.

So, I will be conducting an experiment; changing some bits, culling some content (you may have noticed a bit of pruning already), and attempting to keep the content, well, art-streamed.

There's things I often find myself wanting to leap back here and share. And so until I get a 'different' vibe, I will continue this. I love having you around and a place to exchange and trial ideas.

I'd love to tell you about the Richard Hamilton Show I've just been to see at Tate. Something so wonderfully different about viewing images in reality that I've only ever seen in re-production.

Some notes I made:

- re-work one piece/theme/idea into many works rather than one final single image
- consider: subject; materials; modes of representation
- excessive photo enlargements as ways of seeing - observe shapes that emerge
- Investigations of photographic processes
- Duchampian idea: everything has an opposite - how can this be explored?

I've been doing an art course myself recently which I've thoroughly enjoyed: 're-interpreting old masters' - a great way of looking at artists historically (usually painters) to see how they themselves copied or 're-interpreted' great masters from the past. I've had great fun doing this. Looking at how Picasso would spend hours in the studio re-doing classic paintings in various styles and the same with Hockney (sometimes I wish there were more great works by women to refer to, but I guess that's up to us to change that for the future ;). It co-incides with Hockney's print show at Dulwich Gallery.

I've even ordered this book: Hockney's Pictures

I've been thinking about setting oneself rules in art and finding alternate ways to re-interpret images that already exist.

There is so much to be said for observing, finding ways to look at the world, and then re-look. To conduct visual exercises (like any other form of exercise).

A list begun (please add to if you wish) of how to re-interpret an image:

- make a 3D version of it
- re-do the image in geometric planes/shapes
- collage it
- create it out of household objects
- create the essence of the image
- re-interpret it as a feeling
- symbolise the image with objects
- remove/erase elements
- shred it/slice it and re-assemble
- create it in light
- crop and re-create a part of it
- paint it, or paint over a reproduction


The weather has been sunny here. Like Spring is truly on her way. I love the white blossoms interspersed in the city of London, and the pale golden light. Reminds me that Summer is coming, and hopefully there will be no more notorious wind and storms that reigned this Winter.

I've been spending more time down in the studio space @ArtLacuna recently. It feels good, and I realise how much time is needed to experiment and reflect. I love the notion of re-visiting something that started a while ago and like Hamilton, doing variations on the same piece.

And so, I will stay with the blog for now, and share things you may also find of interest, as well as bits of my own journey in art.



  1. I'm wondering what your studio experiment is?...looks like something with fibre/fur and I can see a face in the grey area to the left. Interesting post and some great suggestions of how to re-interpret an image. Pleased to see you are still blogging :)

  2. I am really happy to hear that you are staying with the blog are a huge inspiration!

    1. Thanks Mridula - great to hear from you :) Hope you are well x

  3. Draw, paint the negative space around the image.... :)

  4. Draw or paint the negative space around the image....:)

  5. Good news...and great list as always :) mosaic it!


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