Tuesday, 18 February 2014

recent work involving: secret knowledge, light & optical devices......

At the start of February, I had the privilege of working with Laura Marker in ArtLacuna - we have this great space we've created and the large gallery/project space has been begging for use between exhibitions and events.

We spent 4 intense days working with sourced and found imagery. Coming with open minds and images that both of us had been already working with - but that neither knew about - we found a natural cross-over for our collaboration.

I have been perusing Deleuze's The Fold, Gen Doy's Drapery and David Hockney's Secret Knowledge. Still I am fascinated by the representations of 'bodies' and identity both in contemporary visual culture as well as historically. I have been investigating the removal of bodies and wondering what we would be left with.......

Lens features in my work as a system by which we see mediated views of the world - or is it simply 'a world'? Therefore Laura was a natural partner to work with given her use of lens, and her exploration of falsity and truth as a result of optical devices.

It was fascinating and tiring as we created this immersive installation on all four walls. Utilising glass, lens', digital projectors, slide projectors, mirrors, and prisms. I enjoyed the way that images created by light could also become intriguing collages; the separation of parts, creating other illusions. There is more to come with this, but I know it will unfold naturally.

I am embedding myself more down at ArtLacuna as a working space. Spending endless days 'working away' at things, not entirely sure where I am going, but knowing that making is a methodology I need to explore right now.

Experimentation is key as everything is 'within' - it's about finding ways to tap in to it.



  1. OH! how i wish I could be in the space and EXPERIENCE this exhibit - it looks DREAMY!! And the words 'secret knowledge' are intriguing...

    1. Hi Monica - lovely to hear from you. It was a great experience and I too love anything involving knowledge and secrets! :) How are you?


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