Sunday, 26 January 2014

14 things

this image is nothing more than a visual thought/record whilst working in my studio....

Dancing in amongst the world of art. Imagining a better/different future. Scoping in amongst the scraps of imagery and finding a way to weave them together. Collecting experiences. Gathering ideas. Assembling text. Setting myself rules. Ripping. Exercising. Seeking a sense of something I haven't quite yet put my finger on......

- have been reading: Society of the Spectacle

- Making my way through The Fold

- Absorbing works in The National Gallery (I realise I will need to go back many times the more research I do and links with the book above)

- Visiting the London Art Fair

- Loving the works at one of my favourite galleries

- Some great shows/courses/lectures coming up here

- bumped in to one of my ex-tutors from my BA course; you might want to check out her project here

- Fantastic visual interview with this artist (how I wish I had a studio like this)

- Discovered this article on Collage Now

- Love this song by Warpaint

- ArtLacuna has a great one night only coming up Thursday 30th January, see here

- Looking forward to visiting this collage exhibition

- less than one week to go for the next course with me

- Interesting studio methodology by this artist


  1. You've got a lot happening Ameliaa be it all sounds JUICY to me! I will be perusing all the links during the next few days and I'm sure to find some inspiriation to jump start my creativity =)
    Glad to see you exploring so much!

  2. You always have such fascinating links....thank you!
    Have fun with all you are doing!
    Sue x

  3. Excellent links, thanks! Oh I've got a big Warpaint girlcrush right now too...


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