Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Where the Art is at.....

It's been such a whirl-wind round here recently. Hanging shows, doing PV's, selling art-work (yay!) - thank you to those who have recently purchased works.

Having parties, earning money, keeping up with kids, clearing years of debris out the house.

Plotting new art projects. I've barely had time to think, be or write. Today I sit with the hum of the radiators, a hotwater bottle on my lap, and a herbal tea by my side.

Time to think, reflect, gather and get ready.

Yesterday I was at the National Gallery doing the audio guide tour. I can feel new ideas emerging. An exploration of the historical vestiges of art and representation of the human form. The stories being told, tied up with the political and social mores of each era - what happened then, and what happens now?

How does what happened then inform what happens now? How do we change and make new mores for a new era?

I am reading this book too: The Art Question - a philosophical overview of some of the key theories about Art and what it is, or might be....

Planning a new project for 2014 (one of many that involves a weekly discipline of creating a small piece) of making sure my hand is kept in (not just my head) and that a relationship evolves with my materials. More to come on this......

The image at the top reflects very early meanderings of thoughts and ideas emerging.

And a new order of these to get my note-taking up to date.

- What are you working on?
- what ideas for 2014?
- how do you keep a track of how your art evolves?



  1. Hi Amelia
    You are a whirlwind. I am so glad you're selling, that is good news and how it should be.
    What are PVs?
    I have those notebooks, but they are much more expensive in Marylebone High St :)
    Note taking is a good discipline, I might take on that idea. My art is non-existent really.
    Need to get away from just using what is to hand, re-organising my work space and getting on with it.
    I am so lazy that I just use my Brushes App, David Hockney uses it too.

    You are always an inspiration, Amelia!
    Best wishes and have masses of fun.
    Sue x

  2. well, this year was suppose to involve more experimenting and creativity with my drawings, which only recently was i able to work on. so 2014 will be a continuation of that idea!

    wishing you the happiest of holidays Amelia!!! :)

  3. A puffin squawks
    My dear girl - most relieved to see you have not been idle. I look forward to the details of your 2014 projects. Your vague allusion did spark an idea in this old bird's nut. 'A Year in Collage'. Every week, you take a topical, world news story and make a small 100 x 100mm collage, culled from the papers and magazines of that week. These would build into one large piece at the end of the year, representing a year of world events in collage - just a thought



  4. Great to hear you are busy - and selling, Amelia :)
    I am coming to the end of a couple of note/sketch-books and had already decided that, finished or not, I will start new ones for 2014.
    Think I will definitely 'borrow' the idea of creating something (anything) each week.
    Working on - surviving Christmas
    Ideas for 2014 - doing more and sharing more
    How do I keep track - randomly and not very efficiently

  5. I always love seeing your reflective nature on your blog - you are such a wonderful, deep thinker. Look forward to seeing you soon. Happy Christmas dear Amelia xxx


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