Monday, 28 October 2013

designing your life

Photo taken Summer 2013

"Gramsci argued that all people are intellectuals, but that only some take on the public role of an intellectual within society. Likewise we might say that everyone is a designer (a particular kind of intellectual), because all people make decisions about their environment, their personal appearance, their media consumption, and so forth. To manipulate the messages and materials of design in an active way, public way is to take on the social role of the designer."

Quote from DIY Design, p. 21.

Some of my best and favourite times are when I'm plotting and planning some creative project, whether it's design or art, although both cross over and are needed when one runs their own small creative business.

I had a week (okay five days), whilst youngest went on a school journey and now eldest is at uni, I felt free as a bird. I met with friends, went shopping to antique and charity shops (and the odd new shop!) I had cake on the river in London and I brain-stormed ideas with a long-time friend who I don't get to see very often who does interior design/styling. The two of us met many moons ago when I lived in Sheffield. Two v young parents who spent our time creating, plotting and making.

And so racing around South London absorbing some of the local shops I uncovered a new green design book. Here it is along with some of my favourites:

DIY Design is one of my favourite books which I return to often. It refers to blogging, book-making, T-shirt design, business cards, bags, invites, embroidery - and more, and I love it all! The new book I found (Cool Green Stuff) focuses on design using upcycled materials which I love too.

I have been plotting some designing with youngest - will be interesting to see what emerges.



PS thanks to those of you who have given me feedback on the Experimental Art Academy. It's definitely an idea that's trying to come through. I hope in time I have more to tell you about it (see post below).

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  1. Love your composition..... I so love black and white photographs. Thanks for the references!
    Sue xxx


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