Sunday, 18 April 2010

life's simple pleasures

been doing some of life's simple pleasures. making.

this is a double page (above) I made for a book swap with lisa in NZ. I received her's yesterday. gorgeous, see here.

am working on some artists books to put into my etsy shop in time to re-launch the re-vamped gift grants. (watch this space).

in the post came this beautiful book. white simplicity at it's best, whilst full of beautiful hand-stitching and tactile paper.

the sun has come out here in it's full entirety. shorts on. in the garden doing another of life's simple pleasures: planting beautiful flowers and some of our seed pots, and journalling.

these are some papers I find myself drawn to, glued to a painted page (off white) in my art journal.:

whilst doing this, I found a list of 'life's simple pleasures in one of my magazines. here they are:
  • books
  • walks
  • makes
  • nature
  • growing
  • baking
  • visits
  • skills
  • pets
here's hoping you are doing some of life's simple pleasures.


PS. am so excited to be meeting people on the Spring 2010 e-course which begins properly tomorrow. People are already registering their interest for the next one (summer) if you are interested please do leave me a message here.


  1. wonderful book! and lisa's book is wonderful as well... love your simple pleasures, I will add gardening, cooking and meditation!

  2. lovely collage work, lists are fascinating and revealing yes...x

  3. love that collaged page, gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful book!

    My simple pleasure right now is gardening (for the first time in my life).

  5. You ladies really like your lists don't you!

    To the latest offering I would add 'playing music with friends'. Not listening to it, playing it. It can be as simple as a couple of acoustic guitars and anything that comes to hand for percussion. Improvising and going off on a musical journey - finding textures and melodies that previously have not existed. This is true adventure and a balm to the soul.

    Top tip - for some reason the session always seems better if you don't record it.

    Oh, and loose 'Pets' - gerbils are rubbish!


  6. it's nice to hear others additions to life's simple pleasures . . .and yes, a list often orders the day for me and life in general . . .


  7. Hello Amelia!
    Treating myself to a brief blog catch up this afternoon before I get lost back in the studio. Your paper scraps glued to pages make my fingers itch to play in my own little journal! Perhaps after the brushes are washed and put away tonight I will do just that. Funny to yearn for some simple art pleasures to go along with my art pleasure =) Different types though. Lovely lovely. Can't wait to see your new art books!

  8. Hello Amelia
    I like your art journal, all the different papers are so tactile aren't they! I love this post about simple pleasures, one of mine is to take myself off to the allotment over the road and sketch all the things there, from inquisitive hens to mugs of tea on a rickety bench...simple pleasures indeed!

    Julia x x x

  9. Now that my show is over i will be looking for simple pleasures! Your work is looking beautiful!
    thanks for the comment on my post. What doesn't sell in my show will be making it's way to my etsy shop. It's about time I updated that shop. ( : enjoy "simple moments"
    ( :

  10. I can relate to that list. I am thankful that I can enjoy my simple pleasures without having to worry about filling my belly or keeping myself safe and warm.

  11. i really love the way you describe yourself, in the more about me. revolution onward.

  12. Amelia, you've won a blogger award - the sunshine award. You can go here to claim it: Of course I had to share it!

  13. amelia-
    thanks for the comments on my blog- really appreciate it!
    also love the book you made and how lucky to receive an equally fantastic book!
    am looking forward to the taking time (ah! that word again!) and read through more of your entries

  14. Great list and little collages. Going to check out the books!

  15. Fantastic! I like this idea, I am going to journal some of my simple pleasures as well. :)

  16. so very lovely to find your blog.
    love this simple pleasure book/collages.
    so pretty & peaceful. x

  17. I agree this is incredible, you are beyond talented and so inspiring!
    XOXO I love that you are following me...Emily

  18. What a wonderful book. Love the collage.


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